Japanese Sword Making Demos 2013

Tamahagne Arts Demonstrations

Produced for audiences in Toronto, New Hampshire, Minneapolis and beyond in our first Japanese Sword Art Tour


Presented by Fusataro & Allen Rozon

Japanese Sword Making Demonstration

Japanese Sword Making Demonstration

2013 saw our first series of demonstrations come together, each demonstration providing intimate opportunities for first hand opportunities into the working life of a Japanese Sword Smith.  People had the chance to hold Tamahagane, watch Fustaro perform the “Pure Fire” ceremony, try at working the forge and act as the sledge hammer.  We wanted people to have insight into the work, science, material, culture and even mythology of the Japanese sword making world.

We’re very thankful to all who paid and travelled to attend our events, thank you for helping us launch our first inaugural series.

Our demonstrations were well attended by many talented artists, which added a wonderful layer of interaction as our events often became a beacon for like minds, wonderful conversations and catalysts for personal growth.

Many people were able to help us launch our events, but to Zack Jonas in particular we owe many thanks.  Zack not only hosted two of our demonstrations and allowed us to take over his shop, but his smithy is what allowed us to merge our events with those of Ford Hallam and his Iron Brush courses.


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"Know your enemy, know his sword." Miyamoto Musashi - A Book of Five Rings