Tamahagane Arts Speaker Tour 2013

Tamahagne Arts

Presented to audiences in Toronto, Boston, Minneapolis and beyond in our first Japanese Sword Art Tour


Presented by Fusataro & Allen Rozon
Sword Presentation

Sword Presentation

2013 saw our first series of presentations come together, each presentation providing intimate opportunities with recent works by the featured artist.  People had the chance to hold Tamahagane, watch Fustaro perform the Pure Fire ceremony and try the the traditional box bellows built for the courses.

Two public presentations occurred in Toronto and at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis.  Translators provided us the best opportunity for Fustaro’s true voice to be heard.  Without naming anyone, we thank everyone for their help in ensuring our events would be so well received.


Tosho Knife Arts, in Toronto, hosted our first public presentation.  On a very tight schedule we ended our day with an early evening presentation and dinner thereafter with the owners of Tosho Knife Arts, our wonderful translator, and interested participants from the presentation.  The presentation was intimate and early in Fusataro’s return to North America for 2013.  We thank Tosho Knife Arts and recommend their services if your in the market for performance cutlery with carbon steel options.

The University of Minnesota hosted us for a over a week, which culminated into a presentation open to the general public and attended to standing room only capacity, with people who apparently stuck around only with the chance to listen to the presentation from the hallway outside the auditorium.  It goes without saying we had an excellent turn out and thank all who made the effort to attend.


More information about our stay in Minneapolis can be found here.


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"Know your enemy, know his sword." Miyamoto Musashi - A Book of Five Rings