Master Bladesmith Bob Kramer

Master Bladesmith Bob Kramer & Fusataro

Anyone who follows knife making and doesn’t know Bob Kramer hasn’t been paying close enough attention.

Master Bladesmith, Bob Kramer Knives, isn’t just one of the world’s most recognized knife makers, he’s a deeply talented and knowledgable practitioner.  Beyond specializing in beautiful performance culinary knives, Bob Kramer is genuinely one the nicest makers out there.  Circumstances, talent and magnetic charisma have created a platform for Bob which he believes is in the service of rising the tide for all knife makers.  Bob is very easy to hang out with, he’s unpretentious, open to dialogue and justifiably confident in his ability.  He’s a genuine pleasure to be around and offers enlightening moments at the forge.

In many ways, Fusataro and Bob were destined to admire one another.  Really, they’re two poles of the same tradition; as master bladesmiths.  Fusataro has focused his talents with the use of Japanese sword steel, Tamahagane, forged with charcoal as fuel and water for hardening.  Creating a full length sword is in fact quite different from forging knives, but there are also many similarities.

Years ago Bob, Fusataro and others spent a month working together under the tutelage of Ford Hallam.  Day and night, the group worked to grow one another’s knowledge and skill.  In this month both artists developed not only a healthy respect for one another, but an admiration that lent itself to an easy friendship since the intense period of their first meet.

Stay hungry for more about these two as we’ll be serving up some savoury news about them again soon. Our master bladesmith roster includes some of the best talent in the world and they hope to grow the community of makers by sharing their expertise with students wanting to learn.

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"Know your enemy, know his sword." Miyamoto Musashi - A Book of Five Rings