October Halloween Hammer-In Invitation

Halloween Hammer-In 2016 at THAK Ironworks


Watch a Japanese sword smith, dressed as a European warrior forge an Iron skull.  Only when the stars and moon align, could this combination be possible and Saturday, October 29th is when they do.

Hammer-In Location:

Thak Ironworks Inc.
2282 Floradale Road
Floradale, ON   N0B 1V0


On the last day of our Japanese sword smithing class, Saturday Oct 29th starting at 1pm, we will be hosting our first Hammer-In for Fusataro at THAK Ironworks.  We want him to meet and exchange ideas with other established makers, both blacksmiths and bladesmiths.


Fusataro’s class will be culminating to students learning/performing the final steps toward their blade creations, which involves no hot forge work.  So, with students working on their own away from the fire, we’ll be lighting things up and inviting people to show Fusataro their work and demonstrate at the forge.  Fusataro loves good craftsmen/artistry and is one of the most charismatic master sword smiths to ever come out of Japan.  We guarantee, you will have an incredible experience sharing your time with him.  He loves interacting with Western smiths of all kinds, so please feel welcome to attend and participate.


Fusataro will start the Hammer-In at 1pm with a special ceremony to light the forge with a cold bar of steel; a technique you will not want to miss.

That Saturday night will also see a Halloween party unfold at the shop.  Come dressed to scare or laugh and you’ll be rewarded with good times, theatrics and prizes.  The party will be BYOB and we ask people to drink responsibly to avoid drinking and driving.

There’s no need to RSVP and no fee to anything for this day, just show up if you’re interested.

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"Know your enemy, know his sword." Miyamoto Musashi - A Book of Five Rings