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We produce content, work and experiences with recognized master artists in relation to Japanese sword making traditions.

Enabling the experience between customer and maker has always been key in the sword making tradition, Tamahagane Arts is the bridge for that relationship.

The Japanese sword making tradition is the longest uninterrupted line of sword makers on the planet.

Today, exist sword makers graduated from schools who can often trace their lineage by 25 generations or more.  That uninterrupted journeyman tradition has cultivated a cumulative base of documented knowledge deeper than any other sword making tradition in existence.

A fully mounted sword in Japan actually employs upwards of five artists, all specializing to a degree that can only be acquired with years of complete commitment until they attain certification through their governing body.

Unpaid apprenticeships, often exceeding 5 years, is but one example of their dedication.  They also have manufacturing and sales limits, which are all intended to maintain a high degree of quality and increase demand by restricting supply.

The result of those constructs, imposed post WWII, is that the work of today’s sword smith is widely recognized as having attained the platitudes of any previous generation.

Our goal at Tamahagane Arts is to enable direct access to Japanese sword makers specifically to markets outside of Japan.  We endeavour not only to create a platform and marketplace for these artists, but in the process elevate their profile through a better understanding and further appreciation of their art.

The market for swords created by makers from long ago is well established with organizations, societies, collectors, brokers and sellers.  For the most part however, none of those activities directly benefit the health of today’s artists beyond having the benefit to a huge wealth of work accumulated over many generations.  Like most art markets, the unfortunate reality is that most artist works only establish their true value long after the artist is able to benefit from it.  For that reason, Tamahagane Arts creates opportunities to augment the experience of commissioning a Japanese sword.

Through events, services and a variety of sword related products, we strive to be the most transparent and dependable option to access the true Japanese world of today’s sword makers, unique the world over.

We have transitioned Tamahagane Arts to Iron Den Forge to reflect the direction and diversity our efforts have lead us to.  If you’re interested in what Tamahagane Arts used to be, you’ll definitely want to see what we’ve become with Iron Den Forge.

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"Know your enemy, know his sword." Miyamoto Musashi - A Book of Five Rings