Our classes are unique the world over, both because of what we teach and the masters who teach it.


Our classes are unique because they’re all experiments.  The content being taught has often never been shared in a course format.  The teachers we create opportunities with are recognized masters within their respective traditions and communities.  We provide the facilities, prepare the materials and register students for what are often one-time only events.

Get to know our instructors, pick one and pursue your art.

Our Instructors

Our original events should always be treated as once in a lifetime opportunities.  We work hard to create opportunities with the highest skilled artists and craftspeople alive today.  The traditions our instructors reflect vary, as does their curriculum and the format we present it in.  Because of the unique planning and a certain aligning of the stars required, our event calendar with each teacher is infrequent and things always change as we lock in final pieces.


Our main goal is to provide access to instruction for arts that otherwise would not be accessible.  A rising tide floats all boats and our success is measured by everyone else’s.

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"Know your enemy, know his sword." Miyamoto Musashi - A Book of Five Rings