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ABS Master Blade Smith

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Bob Kramer is a renaissance man with a storied history that thankfully led him to a healthy obsession for blade smithing.  In pursuit of his love for performance culinary blades, Bob has produced unparalleled work that is constantly in demand the world over.  He is not only an incredibly knowledgeable craftsman, but he’s a good soul and very attune to the creative process.  Having any time with Bob at the forge is really rewarding; sometimes it can even be like watching a magician at work.


Bob became a master blade smith in 1997.  

Bob’s journey to today can be read and seen at his site.


Kramer Knives have blossomed into both custom and production performance culinary lines.  He often works in partnership with steel manufacturers to formulate new compositions and try them at the forge.  Production knives are also created in partnership with established manufacturers, where he personally oversees the process to ensure he can stand behind the end product.  His knives are not only achievements in blade smithing, they are highly functional works of art and widely sought for good reason.


Bob gives sharpening and other hands-on demonstrations around the world.  Through Tamahagane arts we create events for Bob to meet some of the people who use his knives.  Demonstrations will vary greatly each time we do one.  To see Bob make a knife however, you’re better off taking a course with him.


We’ll never know how many languages Bob understands, but we do know he speaks english.


Bob is always breaking new ground, trying new things and creating new work.  We work to create unique opportunities with him both at the forge and in the kitchen.


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