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Ford Hallam

Japanese Metal Arts Master

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Ford Hallam holds a unique position in the world of fine art metalwork. He is the only non-native artist to have been adopted into Japan’s ancient decorative metalworking tradition. Having dedicated himself to the mastery of its techniques and materials he is widely acknowledged as the leading Western authority on the technical aspects of this work.

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After completing a 5 year apprenticeship, Ford graduated to master goldsmith in the mid 80s.  From there he pursued his fascination with Japanese decorative metal work, specific to Japanese sword making traditions.  He sought and spent time with generous teachers, some of which were were acknowledged living national treasures.  Consequently, he began to place and eventually win top honours in Japan for his work.


Ford at work is something special to see.  He’s a forever curious artist has created a wide array of work commanding skills both taught and created.  Much of his tradition is steeped in Japanese tradition, as is reflected in his love of Japanese sword work historical and contemporary.  Much of his work is created with tools he makes, most notable is his Iron Brush.


Ford shares many aspects of his work and has a dedicated following of both patrons and students.  Much of his community congregates at his Iron Brush forum, a knowledge based platform he created to .


There are no doubt abilities yet to be discovered, but what know for sure is he knows some Japanese and speaks English really well.


Ford travels extensively to teach, deliver work, accept awards and spend time with his closest students.  He has several publishing efforts underway, constantly pushes new experiments 


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"Know your enemy, know his sword." Miyamoto Musashi - A Book of Five Rings