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Fusataro apprenticed for 6 years in the Mino tradition within the Kanefusa family.  Kanefusa swords are widely known for their special style hamon known as “Kanefusa midari.”


Fusataro received government certification as an independent smith, graduated under Fujiwara Kanefusa in Gifu Prefecture.  He has since firmly established himself among premier sword smiths in Japan with works by him highly prized globally.


Commissioned works range from customers both domestic and international.  Fusataro is a versatile smith capable of creating a range of styles from his tradition that highlight the beauty of the grain structure within the steel.  He also actively challenges himself by investigating and recreating techniques associated to many historical masters.  In 2014, Fusataro was selected to create a commemorative sword for Ise Shrine, considered one of Japan’s most sacred historical sites.


Demonstrations occur regularly both at his shop and at festivals in Japan.  Fusataro has also had the opportunity to do showcases in North America and Europe.  


Beyond Japanese, Fusataro is also proficient in English & French.


Fusataro is pursuing a life long goal which could involve you.  His pursuit to create first steps in a very old tradition is part of the reason he so openly shares his art.  We regularly schedule events with Fusataro both in Japan and North America.

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"Know your enemy, know his sword." Miyamoto Musashi - A Book of Five Rings