About Us

As a knife reseller, we are big admirers of Tamahagane knives from Japan, so what better way to show it, than to dedicate an online store entirely to the brand. 
To begin with we only have 19 different knives in stock, but in the near future we’ll be adding knives with the beautiful Bamboo design. 

Soon we’ll also be adding some of the amazing 63-Layer-Damascus knives for the use of absolute top chefs. We’re constantly adding to our inventory with ex-stock available at our warehouse and we provide excellent shipping facilities to knife connoisseurs worldwide.

About Tamahagane

Tamahagane knife series are manufactured by KATAOKA & Co.,Ltd. in Niigata, Japan. The word tamahagane means precious steel. Historically, it has been known as a particular, very pure and high quality steel produced using traditional Japanese techniques.

Today, Kataoka uses Tamahagane as the brand name for the exceptional knives it makes from similar quality steels produced using modern techniques.

Tamahagane knives are distinctive yet classic, high quality, extremely sharp, and durable enough for everyday use. Meticulously crafted, the core layer is VG-5, High Carbon Molybdenum Vanadium Steel, enveloped by a layer of SUS410 (13 Chrome Stainless Steel) on one side. The powdered steel contains a lot of carbon and has an unprecedented hardness of approximately 61 Rockwell.

The edge of the blade is hand-finished one by one with waterstones. The beveled edge features an angle between 14 and 15 degrees. Features an incredible mirror polish finish with perfect balance between sharpness and strength.

The handle body is made from strongly-pressed plywood, warmth to the touch, and well balanced for an unprecedented grip.